Warning: If you can only think in a logical way, you may find this stuff ridiculous, this forex blog was written to say thank you, to share and reveal the way to succeed in Forex trading.

My Name Is Yuval Perry,for the last years I have been dealing with my own personal development, after years of living as a robot like most of the people do.

Most of my life I felt that reality is not only what I can see, with my own eyes, I could not understand it on my own, and I had no body to talk about it with.


I could not lie to myself anymore, and I decided to get inside the biggest lab in the world: my own brain.

I read a lot of books, participate in meditation, festivals, and learning groups where I found out who I really am. But one day I realized that I kept living in an illusion, I met very nice people but after the event everyone went home to their usual life and routine.

It took me a while to understand that knowing who I am it´s not enough, I have beliefs on my subconscious which control my life, and no matter how much I see myself as a rich man, there is an inner voice inside me thinking different. So what can I do? I found out that I can do a lot.

I kept reading about successful people in the financial market, forex trading market and on other markets and I could see that all of them have one thing in common which is an abundance of consciousness.

The reason that only 3% of the forex traders live in economic freedom is that only a few know that, and the elite success traders saying it`s a state of mind.

This complies with the data of 4% of the population, which keeps 96% of the world’s money meaning 96% of the people keep only 4% of the world’s money.

I decided to write a forex blog the creative way, to provide free inspiration as an act of saying thank you, to you as a forex trader, to help you see the conscience, from there you can understand its behavior, the currency movement, this is because the price is a mirror of our own happiness or sadness and the only thing preventing you from seeing this is your Ego when you think in a logical way.

This forex blog present the opposite way of thinking from what we were taught in school.

If you think that there is more in my words now, this forex blog is for you, the insight posts and the mental practice will give you inspiration to go beyond your thoughts, if not, you may continue trying to find the holly grill somewhere else.

I wish for you a happy life and prosperity.

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