True. You can stick to the system and even make a profit.

The big question is what do I want?  small income or financial freedom?

If all I want is a little more income? I have no reason to keep writing this blog!

I mean it. If you have some self-control and perseverance, perhaps there is a good method for you.

A good method by which experts claim can yield 6-8% for a month, better than in Bank deposits.

And if you have a lot of money on this option is not bad, but even if that is the case the way you act

stems from egocentric consciousness and will not let you be quiet, and if for the first time you lose a little more than usual

You will be afraid to go back to market.

I am interested only in economic freedom through the Forex without compromise, because compromises come from the ego not from the viewer!

Awareness of thoughts is the safest, afraid of the unknown, is the slow, and through this these roads you will most likely go somewhere safe, such as workplace settings where you should work 47 years and at age 67 get some money and then if you are healthy you can enjoy it.

I claim that it is impossible to get the “Holy Grail”. What everyone is looking for from the outside, something an expert / friend / taxi driver / guide / course / guru can help you get….

Once I get my senses outside the method it has no value, why? Because it is too late.

If I get a method many others may have received it and acted upon that method, a method from the outside means that I did not reveal the viewer in me, which means my thoughts are beyond the movement and how the mind works? Whether is fear or euphoria, something that can show you the objective reality? Of course not.

I’m the thoughts that could I obtain wealth from, whether reality has changed and there is no longer harmony or I trapped in a thought

that I win, then there is no chance that I leave the transaction even if all the conditions shouting Quit?

Have you noticed any suggestions that are online, how to get rich quickly? Easy money from home? There are countless

Suggestions right? Have you noticed that you cannot really make a lot of money and only you submit yourself to that thought of “maybe this time it will happen?” And then it does not happen and cannot happen. When I see a particular advertisement in front of my eyes it is already too late.

How do I find the observer that can produce invisible this method? Through the mental training page where I will explain many tools

which I use to help you allow your thoughts to be aware of themselves.

When a thought is aware of itself this is the observer: to see, not to think. He sees the final result.

For example, if my target is $ 200 profit on Forex trading, the end result a photography of my brain mirrored on a trading station.

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