A glimpse of consciousness of abundance

The training lasted 72 hours, I took some days off It was not easy and you will find out why.

All through the training period I disconnected myself from all negative media, meaning I was only watching positive shows and comedy channels. The best was the Secret Millionaire, and why is it the best? Because of what you see is a rich person who left behind his money and his family for 1 week, to choose the organizations he will volunteer, where they don’t know who he is and where he tells a story about a volunteer movie, about the camera man who came with him, gave me inspiration to see how the wealthy people’s point of view changes when they do physical work and get to know other people which they will never meet in their regular life, to see what good money can do.

So I did not watch any other channel, not even on the internet, I paid attention to finding
what may be causing me to feel bad.

Most of the TV shows turn directly to my unconscious mind filled with childhood beliefs so
that’s why I want more and more from this without knowing why, and this keeps me away
from Consciousness of abundance.

All my attention was inside me and from a point of view of understanding, if my mate, friends others told me something which I do not like; I do not react but wait a few seconds trying to understand why they say those things, then I speak. Of course they know about the process and they encourage me.

I had an inner voice telling me that this is not natural, that this is a lie, but it was more
important not argue with these voices then I can realize that they are gone.

I was starting to feel better, found myself talking about things and solving them from a better perspective: a WIN-WIN SITUATION.

During the mornings I went to the beach, driving slowly with comfort, if somebody bypassed me wildly, I didn’t give anger the opportunity to take control of me by paying attention to the anger looking to that feeling and not thinking about it.

If you ask how can you understand this, the answer is you can, this is not the person who do that it is his mask tells him to, only if I really understand this I can understand the driver and continue to feel good. Somebody else can see it different and will tell you what he thinks but it does not matter, the understanding is what’s important.

If I had reacted, it means is it comes from me as a child. I understand that without conscious it only sees that I am older but in fact I will think and behave as the child inside me and his beliefs. If my father hit me time after time I will think that this is the outside world and I will do the same to others to feel better because I cannot hit back my father and the energy must be released. Remember this again and again, trying to hurt others to feel good with myself in a very bad way and it will continue until I will be aware of that mental pattern.

So one day I went for a walk to the city, watching people, their paces, behaviors, shop
windows, dogs, cats, birds… I realized how much fun it is seeing all this abundance. If I react to something, I just watch inside me reacting until the feeling is gone.

Another day I walked through the late evening without rush to reach somewhere. I walked
through a park, paid attention to the atmosphere, looking at the moon slowly till it was
nothing bothering me but the experience, simply enjoying things would not cost you a dime.

In short

Three days of being disconnected to the media. I used the internet but no news, no funny clips. Watching tv, only music, simple fun, interviews of positive people, no drama, no soap operas, or any kind of movie, no shows, or any contest everything will wait after the training will end.

I noticed my reactions, looking to understand any situation and what good could come from my experience.

Doing fun activities, walking to the beach, walking on the street in a middle of the day and at the evening, no need that every day it will be different I mixed between, for instance at the morning trip to the beach and walking at the evening.


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