Creating profit target

Make a little experiment, sit down on the sofa, be comfortable, when nobody interrupts you
and do nothing. Pay attention how many thoughts come to your mind. What shall I need to do today, things to do at the office, etc.

This training is assigned to focus on who I really am, what I really want and not with what I
think I want, there is a big difference.

Every morning I sit comfortably on my sofa, take a few deep breaths and my body becomes calmed. My eyes start to focus on one point on the wall in front of me. My eyes focus on that point without moving at least 5 minutes.

At the beginning when thoughts arrive, the focus is gone. Then I realize this and focus again, this way again and again until I can feel peaceful and my presence looking at that point easily without moving my eyes from the focus point. Meaning there are no thoughts in the background, you cannot think about, you can only feel it. When I share my opinion about it to myself I lose the magic. to teach my brain to see without thoughts, usually need 30 days, but I decided to continue with this practice because the brain has the tendency to go back to old habits.

After few days when I start to feel more comfortable I started to project a mental image of the target, the sum of money I want and how the forex trading station looks like, seeing the daily amount of money I profit, the same time with the presence feeling, this is the creative imagination.

This is very important to understand, if I lose my presence it goes to fantasy, to thought, this kind of imagination we all have, this will not take you to the result you want.

So if I trained enough to see the result I want and the means to get it, it will naturally join to
the presence and to the Consciousness of abundance without the effort of thinking.

After 30 days, I have learned to get into this state of mind many times a day. Every time I
create presence by focusing attention to my emotions, this process ceases the thinking then you can see your result and the mean to get it by pictures, this process becomes easier every time.

The goal is to train to look at the result I want by inner eyes and not by the outside eyes
because they are limited.

A few days ago I was watching television, they were interviewing a person who lived in a small village at Adis Abbaba, he said he realized his love for sports and started to train women to run professionally. It seems he was really good at this and a few of them won the gold medal at the Olympic Games. When he was asked how he did it, he said that beyond the practice every one who wants to work with him must see themselves winning with their own eyes repeatedly until they make it a reality. This insight was from a person I thought had never read a book in his life.

In summary

First thing in the morning I sit on my sofa, taking a few deep breaths, I let the body loosen up and my eyes are focused on one point on the wall for 5 minutes at least.

After few days of this training I add pictures of the result I want and the means to get it.

I did it for 30 days, and then I decided to adopt it as a way of life. I can say that every time
before I look at the forex trading station I stop for 30-60 seconds neutralizing the control of the unseen ego.


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