First Steps

Steps To Succeed In Trading

Is it true that there are times when you feel confident about the way things are supposed to be and then you find out that this was not the case ?
I’m sure you feel you might be willing to try trading or maybe you just need a basic knowledge and you have been able to trade and earn a monthly salary and a lot more without having to leave home and going to work.

So let’s stop for a moment and think a little bit together, Anyone entering the Forex market thinks so right? If this was true then someone should lose so that you can earn, then you may tell yourself Others are stupid and you’re smart and it´s not going to happen to you, then the way to lose all your money is closer than ever.

You will most likely listen to your ego at first and only after you delete your account or two you will start to really listen, that’s what usually happens to most people.

Then you will understand that if the data says that 97% are losers and only 3% manage to consistently earn a lot, there is something that may not be visible!.
If so then what is it? Is this witchcraft? Absolutely not.

Since childhood we are taught to think rational neglecting our additional capacity which,exists in us, in the inner sight, it was clear to you when you were a baby, a little boy But slowly we are encouraged to switch and live only with common logic and knowledge,without realizing that you have the ability to see, this ability to see exists in every person, but because our society way of living it is concealed from our view it stops being clear and evident. To discover the viewer in you, you need to practice, read and then if you persist, then it will happen.

If so, what are you supposed to practice? What to read? How it relates to Forex trading?

There is a close connection because as soon as you discover the viewer held in you, you can easily see the transaction entry modes and without analyzing too much you will know when it’s right to enter.

You will not always have success trades and that’s why you will need to learn and improve, but the basis of the decision is in fact based on the viewer without wanting to get rich overnight.

You must see it as a work, and what happens with a normal job? You deal with thoughts and action for your boss and only at the end of the month you see the money.

You do not have to think about the have to keep busy in giving before you can get money, here the giving openly expresses when you reveal the viewer in you because if you find the viewer in you, you will want to live your life as you deserve not only in Forex, and then you can understand what is it that you need to give away and as a result of it you will gain your financial freedom.

You must realize that over a month of work there will be also losses but if you do not leverage high, you will not be tempted to increase it in order to earn, then you can increase it slightly and consistently for the next month, so you’re likely to end up finally looking how your monthly income is growing and growing.

After 6 month of consistent successful trades you can develop your own automatic robot.script who will trade your way for you – I’ll explain about it later

I’m saying it again, to be able to do this you must find the viewer in you, only then you will be part of the team that belongs to that 3% of successful traders!
And to find it you must read and practice consciousness of abundance, any attempt to avoid it leads to a complete loss of money.
Unless you are a rich financial institution, which earns a tiny percentage of big money.

Are you ready to go?


The first and fundamental step is that you must develop a sense of wealth. You can find the Insights and Mental Training at the upper menu you should use it for free. The recommendations here are based on my personal experience and are proven.
Of course you do not have to read all and you can choose other sources or try other methods.

Step One

Reading of these digital ebooks will allow you to understand what it is about.

The Abundance Paradigm                 The Success Principles

The Awakening Course                     ChickenSoup For The Soul

The Key                                             The Power Of Focus 

Life’s Missing Instruction Manual      Coaching For Breakthrough 

The Secret to Attracting Money         Law Of Abundance    


Step Two

This is The Program created to train the conciousness of abundance, the consciousness of wealth that changed my life.

Step Three

Choose a broker free teaching service and learn the basic knowledge.

Each broker generally provides free basic schooling, check out these options.

And decide which the best is for you.

Option 1

Option 2 – Forex practice account


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