I am doing this training at my office in the morning. I do not start immediately to work, what it means is that My eyes pay attention of the desk slowly, looking for the things I have there. Looking with wonder at my computer, with gratitude for having all the knowledge in the world, I have the possibility to write to you whenever you are on this planet, till the 60 it was not there somebody thought about it and brought it into our world.

Yesterday I called my grandmother in the USA and she can hear me. I do not need to be
physical aside her, do you know what I mean by this feeling?

When I get into my car I wonder how this box is taking me to wherever place I want.

Every product I see in front of me has been thought out by somebody from scratch. From an idea, from nothing at all. I say thank you to all the creators, my life is more interesting and convenient cause of them.

Do you know what I mean? This new state of mind, you can see inside and feel it, not think
about it when you think you lose it! All things are not created suddenly as a magic, but the
thought in a certain way caused the Circumstances through the trading world which produces the product.

It is exactly the same at Forex, when you see your target and how it looks and feel it steadily day after day, you will find the right technique to use and the understanding how the price moves and all will come from nowhere! As simple as that, this is how it works and how everything was invented in our world.

In summary

Before I start to work at my home office, I sit and look with attention at all the things on my
table the telephone, cell phone, laptop etc… watching slowly without thinking, and then a
gratitude feeling comes for all the people who created those things that I have.

There is no time definition for this training but for me it takes few minutes.


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