Let your ego do his great job !?

There are 2 state of mind, if you are not aware, probably you will not understand what I’m talking about.

The first one is only reaction, from child I’m accumulating information from outside and my world is build, thinking that everything is from outside and I have no impact on reality, the doubt, fear etc…enter, showing I went the wrong way mental.

The second state of mind is awareness to the thinker, we all including me start our life from being unaware.

From awareness to the thinker I’m looking at the graf, from that point of view I’m getting all the knowledge of human behave beneath the stories, there I can see that there are always different stories but the same pattern of fear or euphoria.

When you look at the graf you will see different stories all the time and by looking with your inner eyes the observer you will see its always the same pattern of human behave. the problem is with the thinker the ego, when my ego want to earn money I can be sure I will lose money, cause wanting money is illusion and from that point of view you cannot look at the reality as it is, that’s why you lose.

So what can be done ?

I decided to let my ego to do what he know very well, first to learn the plane I wrote from the observer and then his job is to find out why I do not need to enter to a trade ?

When i did that I started to feel more calm, cause the ego can think only with what he already know if I’m trying to find out how I can go into a trade, excitement and fear will come and these are the warning signals to stay out.

So this way let you the ego be calm and the observer will arise, when you trade this is the most important thing, only after you can see reality then you can decide with high percentage if to enter a trade or not by your plan.







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