Seeing or to thinking logically in the forex market

What is the difference between those who can only think rationally and those who can also
see rationally?


From the age zero, all attention of parents and family is directed outward, you need to pay
attention, listen to what they say, look at this, focus on that, etc … through your senses
and intuitive experience, everything is directed outside, of such a situations I where I have
countless images in the subconscious of how the world looks. If I saw something happy,
everything else in the world looks happy, photos and experiences repeated themselves fixed in the subconscious as a reality and from that point of reference is just what fits the reality unconsciously chosen by ourselves, and continues some sort of aggregation process memory where everything gets documented.

This is how the ego is created and formed through years of process, a vast collection of
memories arising from the choice of not being aware what reality really is during the first
years of life.

So I lived in a collection of memories, thinking all the time, like everyone else?

Since I can remember, I have always felt that there is something wrong with the life I’m living just like everyone else, something was wrong and I could not explain what it was.

Only at the age of 31 I took the matter seriously and I thought it was enough, you cannot
continue to lie to yourself. So I began a process of personal development and realized I was an observer…

What is the observer?

Good question …

This is where I became aware of my own thoughts that run around in my mind, when I spoke with friends about something that bothered them, I quickly realized they were trapped in the story they tell themselves in their own memory movement.

I could be quiet and attentive without identifying it, and see where things lead me, towards
a new perspective on things and create clarity which can solve problems and create

At first I did not understand what it meant, although I liked the result, and I thought if I just
tell others about this state of awareness, everyone will understand and will say thank you and Wow! It took me a while to realize that I had fallen for my ego once again.

What a shame you cannot give this wonderful gift to others as you could give a physical gift you can only realize it, everyone has to see it for themselves, and it is there for all of us but covered with clouds of thoughts.

And what is the connection to Forex ?

What is Forex Trading ? Price Movement.

Who determines the movement? Millions of people?

About… the thoughts of millions of people, below these thoughts, there are two things: fear or euphoria.

Are all the people angry? Afraid? Happy?

Or just I feel it?

When I am in a mental state of thinking, most of the time right below of my thoughts there is fear or euphoria.

In such a situation I cannot see and understand the objective reality.

When I see as an observer, it is not the ego, it’s not the movement of thoughts, and there is no fear or euphoria below the surface which is coloring reality with a fake color.

Only then you can see the objective reality, and what you can see from there?

You can see and understand that experience does not come from a thinking process; you can see that everything is connected also outside the trading ranges contrast and the cycle of fear … euphoria, boom … tide, day … night, a man … a woman … everything! If it’s morning for sure in X hours will be night time, broadly, if the price runs periodically and if the harmony is now in the early morning, if you continue with that harmony and make it move towards your desired direction until the evening or in other words

If I found a method that does not reach any information learned in the course / book / guru…and it´s based on the collective behavior of harmonious thoughts of all the people who trade Forex which are all one in my personal thoughts, this is magic!


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