Turn off the mental television

I can tell you that if you understand this post as experience and not logic, you will understand it all.

When I figured out the role of the observer in context to Forex, I thought it was going to be
easier and I will get as much money as I want, I knew this was the key.

But the reality is set over my face. I realized I needed a bridge between the observer and the thinker, when I relate to the graphs, the thinking process begins and I cannot see the reality as the observer can see it. What do I mean by that?

When I see an opportunity in one of the currencies I am not frozen in position, otherwise I will not be able to click on the mouse and continue check the trades, but then what happens? As soon I refer to what I see in my thoughts, the mental television is on and from that point on I cease to see the reality as it is. Then you are looking at the graphs without consciousness the feeling is good and you do not have a clue that the mental TV is on and it happened in a second; the show on the real TV is for instance a horror movie, you can see a child lifting a knife and getting close to his mom whom is looking for him in the room and the lights are off Scary huh?

Now what if I take you to one of the rooms, where you can see the camera man, the sound
man, director, the make-up artist and the wires which connect to the knife. Will you still be
afraid? Of course not, your subconscious mind was expanded, and then what will happen?

Your mental TV will shut down and you will see the reality as it is and not from your thoughts.

If you see and then act and again, seeing and acting, this is how you turn off the mental TV by directing your attention inward to experience, again see and act. You created a connection between the observer and the thinker, the highest level between spirit and matter. Then you will solve the forex riddle and can understand what only 3% of the forex traders in the world understand it.


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