Why Forex is a mission for me?

Choosing to deal with the forex market does not happen by chance.

To be able to trade in a clean harmony for as long as possible, free from manipulations of the ego, we need the biggest market in the world which means trading a 4 trillion dollars volume a day. Not even the central bank of a country can move the price so significantly. By comparing the stock market, you can see that some manipulation can occur, and this is done by executives of huge companies.

It is very simple to understand these things through the Consciousness of abundance. After learning the basics, there is no need to think and analyze too much, this enables the higher intelligence to come in to your life.

The occupation in investing may seem not as productive, because it cannot be seen directly, but in fact this money brings great advantages for international companies who have employers on other countries. If I have a big company and I have employees in Japan, I will need yens to pay them, not dollars. Where can I make these currency exchanges? In the forex market.

There are also contracts on currencies which allow the manufactures to purchase raw materials at better prices. The manufactures create a contract between themselves and a trader, which means if the price goes up, then the trader will lose money and will have to pay the difference of what is agreed if the price goes down Then the manufacturer will lose, because he could pay less and still has to pay what is agreed and this is what most important to the importers, exporters and manufacturers: know the price in advanced in an uncertain environment. The trader only takes the risk, and will pay if he loses, but he will also earn so much money if he does his job well. In reality, the prices of currencies change all the time and without the traders the economy couldn’t work properly.

These are explanations which you can understand. You can see it, so why it is a mission for me?

When I produce a product, I produce a benefit for a certain period of time. If I produce a microwave then I will benefit from it each time I will use it. The benefit ends when I finish my meal. Also if I am a singer and I am selling entertainment when I have a show and sell my cd. The fun I provide will benefit me for a period of time.

So you can understand that selling products and services is important, but also provide us with a short term benefit.

If you want to live in financial freedom through the forex market you have to transform into the creative mind, which means you are happy with yourself and from what you have already done without even getting the money physically.

You have to be rich in your mind first, see it, live it ,feel it and be grateful for this wealth, only then you will see it physically by getting the right technical tools to use so you can see it in front of your eyes: what 97% of the traders cannot see, there are no shortcuts.

I am not saying your ego will be dead but it will not take control of your life.

This means that all you have should not be taken for granted. I feel gratitude for what I have and for the nature around me. I am happy to see other people happy and to see their success.

We are born wealthy; it is the nature in all of us. When you see all the abundance around and cannot afford it, you understand and feel deeply that something is wrong with the system, with your lifestyle and it’s not you.

When you transform into the creative way, you will enjoy anything no matter if it’s good or bad, because learning something new it’s your new nature, which promotes you into your next step to success.

Distinguishing from buying products and services it’s really enjoyable for a while, and then it disappears. When living the creative mind, most of the time is enjoyable, a nice feeling from life is basic, that’s why you gain wealth and give inspiration for free to others who do the same.

For me, as someone who lives in a Consciousness of abundance, I give inspiration for free on this blog. This is the opportunity for you to realize the creative mind in you and to have fun from the simple things in life, and through that you will get a wider view of life, which allows you to understand that you can create the way to your financial freedom through the forex market. It sounds complicated but believe me, it’s not

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