Your unconscious mind controls only 97% of the results in your life

To be more accurate

The truth is I saw other sources saying its 90% what is actually controlling of your life.

Your unconscious mind controls the results in your life, and you continue to listen to the logical thoughts from your brain. This is a mental virus, and it’s infectious, we all infect ourselves as children, and how do we do this?

You have listened to the feelings standing behind the words you have listened from your parents without understanding any words and put it in your brain as the truth. if your mom blamed your father many times, the feeling was passed on to you and from now, most of your thoughts will come from these emotions you have set as the root, you will look for these to feel them and for example explaining your wife how your logic is right in some matters, but she will blame you and you will feel guilty and do what she wants just to let go of the guilt or avoid reacting with anger.

So who is controlling you? The logic in your brain or your unseen unconscious mind? As they exist in each one of us. The answer is your unconscious mind.

And now back to Forex. If I am not trained to look directly into all emotions in their eyes without moving, time after time till they are gone, they will control me on the trade without knowing it, you will enter a trade and after few minutes you will ask yourself what I have done? Then you will find any excuse to stay and lose.

I can say today that my forex trading comes all from the unconscious mind. Every day I take time to clean my feelings from childhood and replace them with experience from the choices I have made. Then I keep my mind clean, if I missed something, it will jump to a trade and I will lose, and why is this? Because the only one who has the ability to see widely is the observer, not the conscious mind.

And now the Punch point…. the unconscious mind does not understand words; you cannot speak with it, only through images. For instance if I want to earn $5000 for a month and I think about it how much fun it will be to earn this amount , it will not work. You can also try to visualize it. It’s not enough but if you understand what is money without your story it will understand you. What do I mean by that?

I can see money as a tree after processing it into A piece green colored paper. I will see it without any word, if I say to myself with my inner voice that a dollar or other word it will be disconnected, there will be no connection between the conscious and the unconscious mind.

I know it may sound childish: Me, a sophisticated person will see pictures? No way.

Then you will go back to what you already know, and your comfortable, logical brain which is taking control of 3%-10% of your results.

If you want to be financial free this is the way, the choice is in your hands.


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